Dori B. Cook, M.Ed.

Author, Small Business Owner, and Consultant in Washington DC

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We are offering parents a small group, creative, and engaging education pods for their students. Intensive small group instruction by a Certified Educational Specialist.

Book a time with me to discuss your student's educational needs during the upcoming year of both virtual/hybrid education.

Bibb Cook Consulting, LLC continues to provide your professional development plans to address many school-wide concerns such as staff professional development and coaching on instructional strategies, school culture, and special education compliance including behavior management. With over 20 years in specialized instruction for students with various learning needs, we are the specialists that can support your school as you prepare to meet the needs of your educational community.

BCC strives to bring your educational community from chaos to consistency and compliance by identifying and eliminating the critical gaps in your school processes and systems. Schedule a free 30-minute intake consultation for our VIP services.

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With thankfulness for all your candid leadership and encouragement for staff regardless of their experience; you made me comfortable with implementing effective management strategies in my classroom.
Ms. F, Sped Teacher, Nonpublic School